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"I often paint the landscape, but you will also find paintings dealing with mysticism, folk culture, transience or dreams. You also can see me paint of the old church in the place where the village once stood . "


2021     FOREST SOUL, exhibition in KlubArt13, Brno, 17.9.-15.10.2021

             SÝPKOUNI I. - the group exhibition in Sýpka gallery in Buštěhrad, 3.9.-3.10.2021

             39. Kladenské dvorky


2020     Ztělesnění, the group exhibition in Sýpka gallery in Buštěhrad 

             Memory of the Eagle Mountains - exhibition of paintings on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Eagle Mountains

             Protected Landscape Area, Sýpka-Museum of the Eagle Mountains

             38. Kladenské dvorky - exhibition of paintings


2019      Mystery landscape - a solo exhibition at the Králíky Municipal Museum

               Šumava - time hidden in stone and moss, the landscape painters meeting, group exhibition in the Kvilda Art Center

               37. Kladenské dvorky - exhibition of paintings

               Pozornost pro tmu - group exhibition in KD Dobříš


2018      Landscape-still life-portrait, the landscape painters meeting in Broumov Monastery, group exhibition in Broumov Monastery

               Svatováclavské slavnosti on Budeč, the group exhibition


2017      SAMOROSTI 2017 - 5th year of the exhibition of independent author's art in OPEN Letohradská 10, Prague.

               SAMOROSTI 2017 - Winner of the Talent Tibet Open House Award

               Landscape detail or Mařák's School comes to life, the landscape painters meeting and group exhibition in Piánka Dalibor in Zákolany


2016      International artistic plein air in Leczna (PL, 2016),

               group exhibition at the House of Culture in Leczna (PL, 2016)

               Čtyři slova - group exhibitions in Piano Dalibor in Zákolany (Czech Republic, 2016)


2015      International landscape plein air for the 25th anniversary of the NPR Králický Sněžník,

              group exhibition in Králíky (Czech Republic, 2015)


If you are interested in an image or want to contact me, write to me. You can contact me here.


2021-09-15 11:56:00


The invitation to the opening and subsequent exhibition at KlubArt13 in Brno in Panská Street.

2021-09-10 11:55:00

Open studios

SYPKA OPEN Buštěhrad

2021-09-09 11:10:00

SÝPKOUNI I. exhibition

The exhibition of paintings and graphics by students of Atelier Sýpka, artists of Sýpka and friends. Come to the Sýpka Gallery in Buštěhrad.

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